Thursday, February 28, 2013

November in a Nutshell

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Autumn leaves turning coloring and falling outside, and candlelight and knitting wristlets indoors.
There was a little family reunion to celebrate Mom's birthday, but I had to miss it due to being a sicky.  My Sisters were able to go with Mom to her monthly Neighborhood Ladies Birthday Party.  She totally played up her turning 80, complete with a cane, and was all decked out in black!
The last  of our apples were made into applesauce, which we've been enjoying this winter....some is on the menu for tonight, with pork loin, actually.
Blackbottom cupcakes with cloudburst frosting, were on the menu when Kate and Fam came for supper the day after Thanksgiving.  Little Violet, is such a dolly.  Ethan went from happy-to-sad in literally one camera click, he was soooo tired.

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