Monday, February 27, 2012

Dog Show

 At the hospital, when Liliana was born, I was telling Joel's mom about a certain 10 year old girl who was reading on-line about training dogs.  She had set up a little dog show with Bella, in our front yard.  Bella was doing EVERYTHING.... wrong.   It didn't deter the enthused dog show promoter.  She praised and praised Bella, and instructed us to do the same.  Joel's mom raises Bulldogs, and shows them.  She started taking the little self-taught Dog Handler, to actual classes, and this week-end, The new Junior Handler was in her first dog show.  The AKC show had soooo many dogs.  A friend of mine went to it, and commented on the dogs being more highly groomed than she was.  She wasn't sure how she felt about that!

The spots are "rolling."

 She worked really hard at keeping him "stacked".  They got a third place on Saturday, and again on Sunday. Tori pointed out a girl at the show that was in the Westminster Dog Show recently.  She is probably about 18 yrs. old, and has been showing since she was about 10, also.  She was so polished and did such a perfect job showing her dog.  I loved watching them.  It's so foreign to me, (the queen of casual) , this concept of wearing pearls and ballet flats and silk looking skirts and jackets.  Those girls dress waaaay fancier to magnetize dog hair, than I do for church!  The new Junior Handler was advised by Joel's mom, to shop the Dress Barn.  Whoa doggie!  The girl is going to be dressed way more "sophisticated" than me!

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kate said...

What a great post- Tori looks so grown up and pretty. I'm so proud of her!


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