Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cranberries Dreams

The sheen of the yarn photographs wierd. The color of this sweater is actually much deeper than it shows in these pictures. The buttons match it. It is another Presto Chango sweater with 2 cables in the field of the front panel.

PATTERN: Presto Chango by Valerie Wallis
SIZE: 6 months

YARN: Bamboo & Ewe in "Lipstick"

This little sweater is for Anna's baby. I remember years ago, sitting in the car in Eugene with Anna, when we'd been having a girl's day out. We were waiting on Kate and a friend, talking, kicked back, and listening to The Cranberries sing "Dreams."

Happy Easter!

Resurrection Rolls

The white marshmallow represents the body of Christ.

Prepared with oils (butter) and spices (cinnamon)Rolled in Pillsbury flaky crescent roll dough

Secured in the tomb

After baking them:

The tomb is empty!

Martha Stewart's fresh pineapple glazed ham recipe.

Mom's potato roll recipe


When Josie stayed over last, she saw the knit bunnies I made Kate's babies. She and I looked on-line at Ravelry knit toy projects and she got to select which one she wanted. She picked Penelope the Empathetic Monster, in this color variation. Meet Penelope's cousin....Lulu.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Here Comes the Sun, Little Darlin'

We went back to Kate's this past week. I had a chance to make some ricekrispy treat birds nests with the boys. The next day, the guys cleaned out the garage and garden shed. The kids had a picnic lunch outside and had a dry sidewalk canvas for their chalk drawings.

Kate's tulips were so pretty and cheerful.

One more week with the babies "staying put". YAY!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Type

What's this Nanni??? Huh? What's this?!!! Wow, it never occurred to me that the kiddos wouldn't know what a typewriter was!! Hmmmm, uh ......it's like a keyboard......you can write letters on it, like emails.....except you put them in a envelope and mail them in the mail box. Yikes....sign of the times!

Speaking of letters, got this at the library yesterday. I had gotten it some time ago, but had returned it, because I had too many other books to read at the time. After Kate mentioned Sunday night, she was reading it , and enjoying it, and then Monday morning, Dot said there was a book she thought I would like...... I decided to read it this time!

Have you read it? It's a fictional compilation of letters. Who knows, maybe even typed ones!

(Thanks for the typewriter, Mom and Dad, I love it!)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last Week

On Monday, Ashi was here for the day, that evening I worked on sewing the crib bumpers for Kate. They are covered in a gorgeous dahlia quilted bedspread fabric that Kate had. Isn't it wonderful? Tuesday, we went to the city to spend some time with Kate and the fam. She was sick with a fever and on antibiotics. She's on bedrest now, to keep the expected twins all safe and snuggly, til time for their big debut. I loved watching them have family time in the evenings, reading together.

Thursday, we celebrated Kate's birthday. Joe is so sweet, he suggested breakfast in bed for his Mama, with chocolate croissants. (This boy has been payin' attention!) Our birthday present to Kate, was working on the main floor bathroom, with a fresh paint job. The kids made a home Depot run with us. There are a few final touches that need to be done, so no pix yet. The kiddos watching a show together, before we all left on Friday. It was good to have time with them. Anna and Joel took care of Bella and worked things out so we could be gone for the week to shuttle kiddos to school, etc. Thanks Guys!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Weekend

I know things have been quiet here in Dandelion blogland. I haven't been posting...lots going on. A trip over the Santiam Pass to Central Oregon to Mom and Dad's. Mom had another surgery.
Kate's get well bouquet to Nana

Mt. Washington

Three Fingered Jack

Lost Lake, completely covered in snow. This place has very fond summer childhood memories for me. We picnicked there with family and the cousins all had a blast on an abandoned wooden raft. Another time, our family camped there, and it was wonderful. We picked wild huckleberries and took home for jam.

This trip, we went over on Friday and came back Sunday...it was nice have Jen's company on the trip back to the valley. Mom is doing well, I'm sure from all of the prayers. She has to wear "body armor" for a couple of months, and no BLT...bending, lifting, twisting. Her attitude is good, and I'm sure she's looking forward to walking amid her flowers this summer. Can't wait for her to be well enough to come over this side of the pass for a visit!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Big "O"

O' lovely, Saturday morning, a surprise. Jim took me to breakfast at The Original Pancake House. We used to go there occasionally when he had Dr. appointments on "the hill". It's my very favorite date place with him. It's at it's very best in the dark grayish rainy days of winter when it's little lamps glow against the warm honey colored knotty pine. When I was a freshman and sophomore in high school, our home kitchen had knotty pine like this, and little lamps like this, but with amber shades. It was my favorite room in that house. Going here for breakfast always brings back fond memories of that kitchen. And all winter I've been craving their pancakes. I love, love, love, their tender buttermilk pancakes. I really enjoy Saturday morning breakfasts out. When we were first married, it was something we did often. People aren't tired and grumpy like a Friday night after a rough work week. They're a bit groggy, but smiley and happy to be in their weekend. There's no pressure to be all dressed up, everyone's comfy in their jeans and hoodies. Although, I did notice we were in the city, with a number of 20+ yr old gals in leggings, baby dolls and ballet flats, so very cute...i was envious.

We got our favorite usual booth. Yay! With a view of the rhodies and mossy sweatered tree.
O' sweet: We went over to Kate's for the day. It was good to spend time there with them. Chris went to Buster's Barbeque and got us all a wonderful meal. O' speaking of Buster, here he is resting up, getting ready for his next bout of mischief!


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