Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last Week

On Monday, Ashi was here for the day, that evening I worked on sewing the crib bumpers for Kate. They are covered in a gorgeous dahlia quilted bedspread fabric that Kate had. Isn't it wonderful? Tuesday, we went to the city to spend some time with Kate and the fam. She was sick with a fever and on antibiotics. She's on bedrest now, to keep the expected twins all safe and snuggly, til time for their big debut. I loved watching them have family time in the evenings, reading together.

Thursday, we celebrated Kate's birthday. Joe is so sweet, he suggested breakfast in bed for his Mama, with chocolate croissants. (This boy has been payin' attention!) Our birthday present to Kate, was working on the main floor bathroom, with a fresh paint job. The kids made a home Depot run with us. There are a few final touches that need to be done, so no pix yet. The kiddos watching a show together, before we all left on Friday. It was good to have time with them. Anna and Joel took care of Bella and worked things out so we could be gone for the week to shuttle kiddos to school, etc. Thanks Guys!

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kate said...

Can't thank you enough for coming up, being here for my birthday, and of course- THE BATHROOM. It looks so much better in there! Love you guys so much.


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