Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nanny's Pioneer Days Camp: Day Two

Guest Post by:  Victoria Lynn

Today we washed the dishes and some laundry the Oregon trail style!!

We gathered water from the "river" (the hose) together and poured it into containers
Nanny (M) boiled it and poured it into a dishpan.
Here is me and the cousins and sister washing the dishes.
Here is Josie (my cousin) washing laundry.
This is me (Victoria) washing my towel.
My sister (the little farm girl) loved it!
And this is our towels draped over a tree to dry.

 Here is the butter churn, (it takes a lot of cream) we did not use it, instead we used jars.

Recipe:fill a jar part way with heavy wipping cream,then shake it up and down until it is fully made into butter. Add cold water to help it separate.
 Make sure to wash in cold water or you will die!(joking)
 If you want, use a antique butter mold for decoration.
 What a happy day! Especially for these two!! :)

Nanny used our buttermilk in the biscuits.

We had a pot of beans with ham to go with our biscuits.

Nanny's Pioneer Days Camp: Day One

Guest Post:  by Josephine Emma

Independence Missouri:  We all woke up and went downstairs. I saw three other girls sitting at the dining table.

The little one with the light blond hair is Addie. She's from Gladstone, Missouri and the big blond one, is me. I'm from Salem, Massachusetts. The two browned haired ones are sisters. They lived in Lebanon Ohio.

We were all  getting along well when we were packing.  Here we are looking at chicken cages to tie to the side of the wagon.  We .all helped doing the chickens it was fun for all of us 
We laughed and sang songs alot.:)

Now this was funny: Ashlyn was trying to reach for the lock but she could not reach it. But then she got the hang of it soon.
We all were going to look for eggs,but there was only one egg.  It was in poop.   Ewwww we all said at the same time.  It was icky.
Ashlyn and Addie were picking greens to keep from getting scurvy.
They were very good at team work.

She wore warm boots because she was very cold.
We all picked dry leaves and twigs for the fire, to cook the food.
Tori found a catipillar that was very furry and soft.:)
I was so happy I could not stop smiling!

I loved my new skirt and apron.

(fried porkchops, onions and apples, and bacon and spinach)
That food looked good when it was cooking.

Well, except the corn cakes she burnt bad.

But it was still yummy!
after that we had popcorn it was delicious!
We all had fun.   We had fun playing on the trampoline. At night, we watched  the"Little House on the Prairie."  movies, I brought.  Long day don't you think?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Sunday Schnitzel Supper

Say that a few times as fast as you can!  ;-)

When we went to Oktoberfest last Fall, there was a schnitzel shortage.  Everyone had tons of bratwurst, but we were really disappointed.  We promised Sarah a schnitzel dinner at home.  All winter, we tried to get together for it, to no avail.  Sunday, we finally made it.  Nice being together, reminiscing about Germany, and her, relating stories of childhood memories to her kinder. We had schnitzel, jaeger sauce, rotkraut, salad, spargel, potato dumplings and Spezi to wash it all down with.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Feel Good Friday

The new little chicky ladies have started laying beautiful large brown eggs.
Things are mossy, green, and lush.
Droopy, little daffies try to glimmer and glow, in spite of their recent heavy, overcoats of snow.
The lilacs are slowly and cautiously beginning to venture out.
Birdie warms her coat, soaking up the lovely sunshine for hours.
The flowering plum trees are trying on their showy, floral, finery,
while the garden is still wearing a blanket of snow.
Wine and honey colored pansies are waiting patiently to be planted.
Bluebells and hyacinths are beginning to spring forth.
It's a feel good Friday.


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