Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Sunday Schnitzel Supper

Say that a few times as fast as you can!  ;-)

When we went to Oktoberfest last Fall, there was a schnitzel shortage.  Everyone had tons of bratwurst, but we were really disappointed.  We promised Sarah a schnitzel dinner at home.  All winter, we tried to get together for it, to no avail.  Sunday, we finally made it.  Nice being together, reminiscing about Germany, and her, relating stories of childhood memories to her kinder. We had schnitzel, jaeger sauce, rotkraut, salad, spargel, potato dumplings and Spezi to wash it all down with.


Sarah said...

SUCH a nice evening. Much needed, much appreciated and you are MUCH loved!!! xoxo

kate said...

How wonderful. And as usual, the house looks cozy and inviting. Love you!


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