Monday, March 12, 2012


Saturday, Jim and I had breakfast at New Morning Bakery in Corvallis, and I got some linen for a cross-stitch project, at a nearby stitchery shop.  We stopped by the Christian School Auction, and got some barbequed chicken for dinner.  Waiting in line, I got to chat with a friend, Marti, for the first time in about 10 years.  It was so good to see her sweet smile again. 
Sunday, we took the girlies to church. Me, with fat black eye, swollen goitery neck, and all. After service, we had dinner at the home of the newlyweds.  They were so gracious, and spoiled the girls to pieces, with pizza, and special Mary Englebright dishes for their dessert.  They provided toys, games, videos, and attention.  Very sweet.
You know the saying; "my eyes were bigger than my stomach"? Well my left eye is working at it. Since the stings on Friday, each day, the swelling and discoloration has expanded. Just like a double chin has swollen into a big uni-chin. Yesterday, Anna took pictures of it, and made me promise if it was worse this morning, that I would go to the Dr. Unfortunately, when I woke up today, it was a lot worse. The Dr. put me on prednisone, told me to continue taking the benadryl I was already taking, and prescribed an epi-pen to use in case of emergency.

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kate said...

MAMA!!! Will call you today. I hope you are better?? Love you.


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