Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time of refreshing

What a sweet, little retreat. Such a quaint, lodgey, cozy, little haven.
With a roomy, dormer window seat upstairs, perfect for sipping mugs and mugs of hot coffee, enjoying the view, and lots of girl talk.

a light breeze

time to put one's feet up and sit a spell

clam chowder in a bread bowl


Monday, May 25, 2009

The Knight

Once upon a dandelion,

There was a little boy who played Knights of the Round Table with his neighborhood friends.

In their jelly stained, striped T shirts, and grassy knee'd blue jeans,they would wield their swords and engage in battle.

At school, the little boy was known by his teacher, to be a "perfect gentleman".

The little boy grew up, as little boys do, and became a soldier. He enjoyed the company of his comrades, and the travels to castles far away; but also witnessed the reality and horrors of battle.

One fine day, the soldier, rescued a damsel in distress, and became her Knight in Shining Armor.
They had a whirlwind courtship; no time for dreaming dreams for the future, before they wed.
Through the years, each day, their love deepened, and together they slew the dragons that would threaten their happiness. As time passed, all of the dreams they hadn't even had time to dream.....came true.
I love you, Honey, thank you for being my Knight. It's been a wonderful 36 years!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weather Report

Sunshine, Blue Skies, and Snowballs

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Funhouse Mirror Reflections

Scene: Husband and wife reading in bed

Wife: I really like that horizontal mirror above the dresser.

Husband: Huh?

Wife: It makes my face look really long and lean.

Husband: ???

Wife: It's such an improvement!

Husband: ???

Wife: From when it was a vertical, full length mirror, on the closet door.

Husband: ???

Wife: It made my whole body look short and fat.

Wife: ( laughs hysterically)

Husband: You need to go to sleep, that cold medicine has gone to your head.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Blogging Hero


My First born daughter.

She's Beautiful.

She's Strong.

She's Creative.

She loves Jesus. and takes Him at His Word.

She puts up with my incessant blogging questions.

I've given birth to a baby blog, and She's it's sage, advising, Nanni.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Helicopter Blades

My sister is coming for a visit soon. She is a remarkable woman, and has led a very interesting life. She was in the Army and decided to become a helicopter pilot. And so she did.

In civilian life, she joined the police force. She wanted to become a detective. And so she did.

Her husband needed her to move away, to help care for his aging parents. And so she did.

She had always wanted to start her own interior decorating consulting business. And so she did.

She made it her heart's desire to continually grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord.
And so .........she is.

Memories are Made of This?

Closed eyes, soaking up the warmth of the sun's rays. Mmmm, what is that fragrance? Peruse the surroundings; a flowery bower of white lilacs overhead. Odd, since lilacs are supposed to be....well...lilac. But there is something else strange, what is it? That smell reminds me of something, a memory from my childhood. As I close my eyes again and take in a deep breath, I dredge the recesses of my brain. Was it a favorite teacher's perfume? A lovely candle? I remember now! It's the same smell as those little deodorizer thingeys that people used to hang on the toilet rim. Eww, gross. (sound of adirondack chair being moved)


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