Monday, May 18, 2009

Memories are Made of This?

Closed eyes, soaking up the warmth of the sun's rays. Mmmm, what is that fragrance? Peruse the surroundings; a flowery bower of white lilacs overhead. Odd, since lilacs are supposed to be....well...lilac. But there is something else strange, what is it? That smell reminds me of something, a memory from my childhood. As I close my eyes again and take in a deep breath, I dredge the recesses of my brain. Was it a favorite teacher's perfume? A lovely candle? I remember now! It's the same smell as those little deodorizer thingeys that people used to hang on the toilet rim. Eww, gross. (sound of adirondack chair being moved)


Sarah said...

testing. 1-2-3.
Glad you took the leap!!

kate said...

Cute mom! And who doesn't lover the smell of toilet deodorizers...

Anonymous said...

when I see this chair, it is missing my two favorite people in it. I also am reminded of the times when I was there with you sharing memories and enjoying the peace and calm that surrounds your home and family. I always come away a better person. Love you, sherri


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