Monday, May 18, 2009

Helicopter Blades

My sister is coming for a visit soon. She is a remarkable woman, and has led a very interesting life. She was in the Army and decided to become a helicopter pilot. And so she did.

In civilian life, she joined the police force. She wanted to become a detective. And so she did.

Her husband needed her to move away, to help care for his aging parents. And so she did.

She had always wanted to start her own interior decorating consulting business. And so she did.

She made it her heart's desire to continually grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord.
And so .........she is.


Sarah said...

She IS pretty remarkable. ;) Her can-do attitude is inspiring. I'm so glad you two get to spend some time together! Much deserved!

jesslea said...

Have fun spending time with your sister! love the post.

Kate said...

Very sweet. Who wouldn't want to have this said of them? It inspires me to DO!!


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