Sunday, February 21, 2010

What month is this?

You're kidding!

Does this mean we have to "plant" plastic flower tulips for Easter?

Pottery Barn Cafe Stripe Pillow

I like this sweater pillow, and plan on making it too.....but loved this little coffee sack lumbar pillow when the catalog came. I've ordered from PB before, but actually my budget is a bit more "cow barn".

I decided to make one. I had a $2 dishtowel from Craft Wholesale, painters tape, and craft paint.
I taped off and painted the middle stripe first....

Gently pulled off the tape....

Then gently placed tape again and again.......

Until I ended up with this.....

If I were doing this copy cat again, I would use a stencil brush and/ a drier brush, for a look closer to picture #1.
Now if I could just find the buttons I bought for it.........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Office Re-do #1

BEFORE: For the past 6 years, the walls were painted a dark khaki green. It had a very cocoon feeling. I loved it, my Mom hated it. After re-painting, found out one daughter was not a fan....and the one who lives here didn't even realize when I re-painted it white.

As I said before; Besides being a cluttered mess, this desk was falling apart and I disliked it immensely.
I decided to build a sawhorse style desk. After browsing the internet for some sawhorse plans I liked, I happened on Ana at Knock off Wood. She is a girl after my own heart! Using her sawhorse plans and the desk top from the old desk, and sanding and finishing it with good old Polyshades American Chestnut, I'm very happy with it. It blended the raw wood of the base and the oak top, nicely. And it matches the old chair well. The room has a fresher, more airy feel now. Stay tuned for more installments!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweetheart Jammies

What do you imagine?

Red satin?

Pink flannel with red valentines and cupids?

I bet it wasn't these!


Some simple plain muffin batter, in this little silicone pan from Target's $ bins.
With a little spoon of store-bought raspberry jam. Our homemade freezer jam would've been prettier, but may not have held up as well in the baking process.
Some more batter on top, to cover. Baked at 400 degreesF.

This was as Valentine'y as I got this year.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The soft song
of the dancing rain,
drifts through
the open window,
luring me
towards a downy pillow,
like a
dreamy lullaby.
~laura shelton

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coming of Age Books

This was a new book at our library. Jamie Ford's debut novel; and I enjoyed it very much. It made me want to take another Seattle jaunt, and check out out Chinatown there, and other landmarks he mentioned. A very good read, about a boy coming of age during WWII and the bigotry, suspicions, and Japanese internments, during that time.

This next one is not a new book. I've read several of Anne Tyler's books, and I think it was my favorite.
Maybe I identified with the klutsy, meddling Mom? I disturbed Jim alot, because I was cracking up. This woman mourned the loss of the childhood of her children as the youngest was heading to college. She wanted so very much for her son's marriage woes to be ironed out. She wanted her own marriage to be young and vibrant again. The more SHE tried to "make" things happen....the worse everything was...surprise, surprise.
One of those empty nest/older coming of "AGE" sort of stories.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girls Dinner and Not a Movie

The girls and I met up this afternoon, and had a nice leisurely time at the Olive Garden to celebrate Anna's birthday together. It had been awhile since we had all been together, so there was lots of catching up to do. We spared Anna the "birthday song", and didn't even bring the groucho marx nose glasses this time! Must be getting to be "potty poopers" in our old age.

We had planned on going to a movie afterward, but changed our mind and went to Target shopping together instead. We had a fun time buying out the store....right Kate? And I can sleep easier tonight knowing I have Kate's birthday present bought already....sure hope she likes it! ;)
I loved hearing my girls teasing and chatting with each other.

We have the loveliest chauffeur, in Sarah. I always con her into driving, because even though I'm decent at it, I don't like driving. She is always gracious and obliging. She may have felt she was a bit too gracious and obliging today though......she left a candy dish of the most deee-LISH valentine jelly beans out on her bar, and I'm not sure she has any left now. We all loved them! Oops, forgot to ask where she got them. ???

Friday, February 5, 2010

Last night, I heard what could quite possibly be the absolute worst rendition of "Happy Birthday" ever sung. But the heartfelt wishes were there. Happy Birthday to Anna.
Her birthday supper request was filled.....and so were we! Stuffed as the home-made lumpias and store-bought potstickers we consumed. And, as if that wasn't enough, the fried rice we used to wash it all down, finished us off. (Who am I kidding, here? Jim and I are both already eyeing the leftovers for our lunch today!)

I was bummed, I couldn't find my favorite asian dipping sauce recipe, that I used for these.
It's so yummy, I could drink it, and Anna likes it too. There are so many different variations on line, and I ended up making one, but it wasn't as good.
Ouch, maybe another reason to get the recipe box cleaned out?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scrabble Babble

The female side of this family loves "words". (I'm sure the males would agree with that....though we're talkin' written words in this particular instance. ) :D

After seeing Kim's (at Twice Remembered) magnetic scrabble board project for her studio, I really wanted to make one. She always has cute ideas! Jim and I went "antiquing" a couple of weekends ago. We left the first shop without buying anything. I turned around to say something to him as we were leaving, and my eyes lit up. There it was... big as life; a sign.... "Dictionaries 1/2 off today"! We went back in and found one that was perfect. Old enough to be interesting, not so old as to make me feel guilty about tearing it's poor little pages out.

Instead of building a frame to fit the metal sheeting, I opted to use an old picture frame that had been Jim's grandmother's. The glass had gotten broken and damaged the picture beyond repair.
For the backing, I used a piece of scrap luan from the shop, and liquid nailed the metal sheet to it, after cutting them both the size to fit in the frame.
Then did the modpodging of dictionary sheets to the metal and finished it off with clear satin spray (3 coats) It has sheets with family initials, and bees and hives, and "King's English" and "faith", and "type". Favorite things, or just for fun......
As Kim suggested, we got the rare earth magnets off of EBay, and super glued them to the 100 pk. Scrabble letters that I had in my craft stash. Wish I could remember where I got the letters......

Folks, I gotta tell ya.....these magnets are AWESOME!
I liked to have never gotten them out of our mailbox! (Just kidding)
Seriously, they are like nothing you can get at the craft store, home depot, etc.
They have got some power!

It's such a fun project, but where to put it? We have a house made up of windows and doors.
There is actually very little wall space.
There is a corner in our kitchen, near the coffee-maker, where the girls always seem to congregate when we have family gatherings. I thought it would be fun to put it there.

If that doesn't work out, it may go in the library, as a memo board above my desk.

Just seems more interactive this way.

Thanks Kim!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Verse of the day

There's a new addition to my side-bar.
If you check my blog everyday....even if I haven't posted a new entry, there will be a new fresh verse of the day. It's blessing me, and I hope it does you, as well.

Kitchen Sinks

Everybody and their sister has been blogging kitchen sinks this week!
Our February project is kitchen repairs.
First on the list was replacing the defunct leaky faucet.
The goal: No more towel underneath, to catch the drips, welcoming mold etc.

I had been checking out faucets for several months, and actually wanted one with cross handles, but couldn't come up with one in our budget range.
Our old faucet was a gooseneck style, and I liked it pretty well, but at canning time I always wished it was even a tad higher.

I think this one is going to to work out great.
Pretty AND Practical.
And no leaks! Can't beat that!

I'm still puttering away at the library project. January has come and gone, and I'm not finished.
So much of the month was dealing with sickies, it seemed the tasks got done in slo-mo.
I still have some sewing, picture framing, decorating type stuff to do in there, to pull it all together. But the desks have a fresh coat of finish on them, and the cleaning/sorting is almost done. The Guiness book of world records recipe box has been relegated from the library to the kitchen month. You don't know what I'm talking about? You will.

Sunday Drive

You might say, Jim and I took the long way home yesterday afternoon.
It was a peaceful, lovely time.


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