Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coming of Age Books

This was a new book at our library. Jamie Ford's debut novel; and I enjoyed it very much. It made me want to take another Seattle jaunt, and check out out Chinatown there, and other landmarks he mentioned. A very good read, about a boy coming of age during WWII and the bigotry, suspicions, and Japanese internments, during that time.

This next one is not a new book. I've read several of Anne Tyler's books, and I think it was my favorite.
Maybe I identified with the klutsy, meddling Mom? I disturbed Jim alot, because I was cracking up. This woman mourned the loss of the childhood of her children as the youngest was heading to college. She wanted so very much for her son's marriage woes to be ironed out. She wanted her own marriage to be young and vibrant again. The more SHE tried to "make" things happen....the worse everything was...surprise, surprise.
One of those empty nest/older coming of "AGE" sort of stories.

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