Monday, February 1, 2010

Kitchen Sinks

Everybody and their sister has been blogging kitchen sinks this week!
Our February project is kitchen repairs.
First on the list was replacing the defunct leaky faucet.
The goal: No more towel underneath, to catch the drips, welcoming mold etc.

I had been checking out faucets for several months, and actually wanted one with cross handles, but couldn't come up with one in our budget range.
Our old faucet was a gooseneck style, and I liked it pretty well, but at canning time I always wished it was even a tad higher.

I think this one is going to to work out great.
Pretty AND Practical.
And no leaks! Can't beat that!

I'm still puttering away at the library project. January has come and gone, and I'm not finished.
So much of the month was dealing with sickies, it seemed the tasks got done in slo-mo.
I still have some sewing, picture framing, decorating type stuff to do in there, to pull it all together. But the desks have a fresh coat of finish on them, and the cleaning/sorting is almost done. The Guiness book of world records recipe box has been relegated from the library to the kitchen month. You don't know what I'm talking about? You will.


Sarah said...

Sink looks great...and I know EXACTLY what you're referring to in regards to the Guiness Book of Records box...eagerly anticipating what you do with that one. ;) xoxo

kate said...

Oooh! Aaaahhh!!!
So pretty Mama! I likes it.

jesslea said...

very nice!


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