Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Office Re-do #1

BEFORE: For the past 6 years, the walls were painted a dark khaki green. It had a very cocoon feeling. I loved it, my Mom hated it. After re-painting, found out one daughter was not a fan....and the one who lives here didn't even realize when I re-painted it white.

As I said before; Besides being a cluttered mess, this desk was falling apart and I disliked it immensely.
I decided to build a sawhorse style desk. After browsing the internet for some sawhorse plans I liked, I happened on Ana at Knock off Wood. She is a girl after my own heart! Using her sawhorse plans and the desk top from the old desk, and sanding and finishing it with good old Polyshades American Chestnut, I'm very happy with it. It blended the raw wood of the base and the oak top, nicely. And it matches the old chair well. The room has a fresher, more airy feel now. Stay tuned for more installments!


Ana White said...

I love your sawhorse tables. Please, please, how much did you spend? Love the color!

Gina said...

Your before picture looks scarily identical to my desk!
Congrats on the new desk!!!

jesslea said...

love your new desk. I may just have to get one of my own.

kate said...

Love it Mom! It turned out so great. If you feel the need to make another, I could probably find it a good home...

Dot said...

Your office gets the "Most Improved" award for 2010! Very nice job!


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