Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scrabble Babble

The female side of this family loves "words". (I'm sure the males would agree with that....though we're talkin' written words in this particular instance. ) :D

After seeing Kim's (at Twice Remembered) magnetic scrabble board project for her studio, I really wanted to make one. She always has cute ideas! Jim and I went "antiquing" a couple of weekends ago. We left the first shop without buying anything. I turned around to say something to him as we were leaving, and my eyes lit up. There it was... big as life; a sign.... "Dictionaries 1/2 off today"! We went back in and found one that was perfect. Old enough to be interesting, not so old as to make me feel guilty about tearing it's poor little pages out.

Instead of building a frame to fit the metal sheeting, I opted to use an old picture frame that had been Jim's grandmother's. The glass had gotten broken and damaged the picture beyond repair.
For the backing, I used a piece of scrap luan from the shop, and liquid nailed the metal sheet to it, after cutting them both the size to fit in the frame.
Then did the modpodging of dictionary sheets to the metal and finished it off with clear satin spray (3 coats) It has sheets with family initials, and bees and hives, and "King's English" and "faith", and "type". Favorite things, or just for fun......
As Kim suggested, we got the rare earth magnets off of EBay, and super glued them to the 100 pk. Scrabble letters that I had in my craft stash. Wish I could remember where I got the letters......

Folks, I gotta tell ya.....these magnets are AWESOME!
I liked to have never gotten them out of our mailbox! (Just kidding)
Seriously, they are like nothing you can get at the craft store, home depot, etc.
They have got some power!

It's such a fun project, but where to put it? We have a house made up of windows and doors.
There is actually very little wall space.
There is a corner in our kitchen, near the coffee-maker, where the girls always seem to congregate when we have family gatherings. I thought it would be fun to put it there.

If that doesn't work out, it may go in the library, as a memo board above my desk.

Just seems more interactive this way.

Thanks Kim!


kate said...

Woo-hoo! Can't wait to kick some Scrabble butt! er...I mean, I can't wait to join in this unifying family game. :) Turned out great Mom!

"m" said...
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Sarah said...

I think that Kate meant to say "bottom"...Kate, you know "butt" was always verboten..you're living on the edge! Better start re-reading the dictionary (again!) :) Fun project, Mom!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

What a lovely craft idea...and one that keeps inspiring creativity too...I am sure you will see many words spelled out on your new piece of magnet greatness! Have a great weekend!

(Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier in the week!)



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