Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time with Kate

Kate made pretty smoothies for the kids before we headed out to:

We took Addie and the twins with us.  We had a great time.  The twins were so good, and they always draw a crowd of admirers in their double stroller.  Jim and the boys stayed home and played monopoly, and computer games.   Kate bought them home some Korean biscuits, for a treat.  The Korean writing reminded her of her school friend, Yoon.  When Kate was in 8th grade, Yoon was a new student at our school and didn't speak English.  Kate was selected to mentor her and they enjoyed a sweet friendship, for several years.

 Addie's picture of the "Grumpy Grizzly Bear"

When she wasn't kicking up her heels, she was pulling herself up to standing with the toy basket.

Joe Cool

Ethan looking "pretty in pink".
Addie found some gum somewhere in the house and was offering a "smidge" to everyone.

I had lots of help taking pictures....sorry I can't give each mini-photographer proper credits, but I lost track of who took what.

   My Fubonn haul:

"Largest Asian Mall in Oregon." ...... love that place.

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