Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2nd Day of Spring

Baby, it's cold outside....

But inside the hen house, Sir Galahad was getting acquainted with the new chicky ladies.  I went over to Jen's neighborhood, and picked them up from Mary last evening.  The girls were sort of disappointed to not have wee little chicks, and I always enjoy them too, but these were just toooo good to pass up.  A year old, already laying, for the price of chicklets.  Victoria was greatly appeased by the fact that pound cake was in the near future!  Tonight, made beef stroganoff and dumplings for dinner, and introduced the girlies to Anne of Green Gables. Now the house is quiet, everyone nestled into clean sheets, with quilts tucked under their chins. 

1 comment:

kate said...

Look at all that snow!! We got nothing like that! And mentioning fresh eggs, pound cake, and Anne of Green Gables in the same post? Well, swoon.


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