Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nanny's Pioneer Days Camp: Day Two

Guest Post by:  Victoria Lynn

Today we washed the dishes and some laundry the Oregon trail style!!

We gathered water from the "river" (the hose) together and poured it into containers
Nanny (M) boiled it and poured it into a dishpan.
Here is me and the cousins and sister washing the dishes.
Here is Josie (my cousin) washing laundry.
This is me (Victoria) washing my towel.
My sister (the little farm girl) loved it!
And this is our towels draped over a tree to dry.

 Here is the butter churn, (it takes a lot of cream) we did not use it, instead we used jars.

Recipe:fill a jar part way with heavy wipping cream,then shake it up and down until it is fully made into butter. Add cold water to help it separate.
 Make sure to wash in cold water or you will die!(joking)
 If you want, use a antique butter mold for decoration.
 What a happy day! Especially for these two!! :)

Nanny used our buttermilk in the biscuits.

We had a pot of beans with ham to go with our biscuits.


Sarah said...

Looks like you all had SO much fun!

kate said...

How fun! I will make sure to always use cold water to rinse my butter. Not taking any chances here.


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