Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has arrived...Take II

GUEST POST:  by Victoria

Abby came over after school,and we made chocolate chip cookies together! It was the  best day ever! We could not resist the astonishing taste of are own good cooking so we ate three instead of one!
This is the cookie dough we made and we could not help ourselves from making them fat.Nanny told us they would turn out to be a monster cookie if we didn't make 'em smaller!
This is me and Abby standing by the cookies before we gobbled them up!
If you want to make these here is our recipe:

*warning:  not eating these cookies can be hazardous to your health*


Sarah said...

Those look yummy! Good post, Tori! xoxo

kate said...

LOVE this post!! (I will heed the warning. :) )xoxo


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