Friday, March 23, 2012

Feel Good Friday

The new little chicky ladies have started laying beautiful large brown eggs.
Things are mossy, green, and lush.
Droopy, little daffies try to glimmer and glow, in spite of their recent heavy, overcoats of snow.
The lilacs are slowly and cautiously beginning to venture out.
Birdie warms her coat, soaking up the lovely sunshine for hours.
The flowering plum trees are trying on their showy, floral, finery,
while the garden is still wearing a blanket of snow.
Wine and honey colored pansies are waiting patiently to be planted.
Bluebells and hyacinths are beginning to spring forth.
It's a feel good Friday.


kate said...

I know it's not facebook, but "Like". :)

****** "M" said...

Thanks Kate!


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