Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swedish Pancakes

We had breakfast at the Eugene Original House of Pancakes weekend before last.  Jim had an Irish omelette and buttermilk cakes, and I had Swedish pancakes.  The service was outstanding there, but we prefer the old atmosphere at the original, Original.  My pancakes just whetted my appetite to have them again.  We were home this morning, with Jim battling a bad earache and headache, so I made us a bacon and Swedish Pancake breakfast.   I can't ever decide on a favorite way to have my little feather-lite pancakes.  I love them plain, .... or buttered, ......or buttered and sprinkled very lightly with sugar,....... or with lingonberries.  decisions, decisions. There were lingonberries (from Dot for Christmas-Thanks Dot!) 
If you make them, ..... Enjoy!

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