Monday, April 4, 2011

The Big "O"

O' lovely, Saturday morning, a surprise. Jim took me to breakfast at The Original Pancake House. We used to go there occasionally when he had Dr. appointments on "the hill". It's my very favorite date place with him. It's at it's very best in the dark grayish rainy days of winter when it's little lamps glow against the warm honey colored knotty pine. When I was a freshman and sophomore in high school, our home kitchen had knotty pine like this, and little lamps like this, but with amber shades. It was my favorite room in that house. Going here for breakfast always brings back fond memories of that kitchen. And all winter I've been craving their pancakes. I love, love, love, their tender buttermilk pancakes. I really enjoy Saturday morning breakfasts out. When we were first married, it was something we did often. People aren't tired and grumpy like a Friday night after a rough work week. They're a bit groggy, but smiley and happy to be in their weekend. There's no pressure to be all dressed up, everyone's comfy in their jeans and hoodies. Although, I did notice we were in the city, with a number of 20+ yr old gals in leggings, baby dolls and ballet flats, so very cute...i was envious.

We got our favorite usual booth. Yay! With a view of the rhodies and mossy sweatered tree.
O' sweet: We went over to Kate's for the day. It was good to spend time there with them. Chris went to Buster's Barbeque and got us all a wonderful meal. O' speaking of Buster, here he is resting up, getting ready for his next bout of mischief!

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kate said...

It was so good to have you guys up. Thanks for the muscles on those bathroom fixtures. :) Love you!


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