Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Down at the Farm

When Matthew and Josie came for their time with us, we had a hoe-down throw down here at the farm. It was a kick in the pants, getting our musician/actors makeup and wardrobe gathered, and we had a blast "shooting" our "muvee".

Matthew helped me put pictures and music together, and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately our original version had many of the pictures in yesterday's post, plus more. It was so long, I couldn't post it or email it to anyone. That night working on it, we lost computer power, and much of our work, so after everyone went to bed, I set out to restore it. When I got to the hoe-down part, it was after midnight, and I was afraid I was going to wake everyone up. I was punchy, and I got so tickled at it, just cracked me up! Jim is suuuuuch a good sport. Don't you agree? He's always been so good about playing along and having fun. Down at the farm....He's the Hoot.....I'm the Nanni.


kate said...

Oh my gosh. I. loved. this. SO much fun! The kids, and Dad- he IS a hoot!- looked like they were having a ball and totally got into it. Adorable. Those will be just the best pictures to have when they get older!

Sarah said...

LOVED it! :)


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