Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Yes I am....

giving a chicken a bath.
She was sick and I thought perhaps she was eggbound. I'd never heard of treating it by relaxing them in a warm bath before; but that's what a number of people recommended on-line.
You've heard the expression madder than a wet hen? Not even. She really did relax, it was amazing. She acted like she was in her own back yard spa. Unfortunately that, palpating, and a lubricant, did not help any, as she was not eggbound.
It was much more serious. I did additional on-line studies and performed an "autopsy" upon her death, revealing she had Ascites (fluid filling the abdomen) from EYP Egg Yolk Peritonitis and her organs had suffered a lot of damage. Sarah and I were talking about it on the phone last night, and she said I had my own C.S.I. .........
I guess that stands for Chicken (Sickness or Science) Investigation.


kate said...

Wow, you are dedicated! I am impressed with your skills! But poor little hen, makes me sad for her.

Sarah said...

Glad she's not suffering anymore. Sounded so painful!


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