Thursday, March 10, 2011


I miss being able to hear Sarah play her flute. Even our neighbors used to enjoy hearing her play it outside. She had a gift for pretty.Yesterday, I sat in the snug, listening to the rain outside, and a James Galway's flute CD playing . A nice cup of brisk tea, and a baby sweater on the needles. When March rolls around, my eyes always get greener, my feet start dancing a jig and my head reels.

This little sweater is for Kate's wee babes. Kate and Chris share my enjoyment of Celtic music and aran sweaters.

Sorry the photo colors are sort of funky. I took them at night without a flash.
I've done regular style cables before, but not celtic knot cables, so this was a new challenge.

It's all ready to put on, to go for a walk with the Fam.
PATTERN: Presto Chango by Valerie Wallis
SIZE: 6 months
YARN: Red Heart Aran in Aran Fleck

I really wanted to try a celtic knot cable design, so I switched Valerie's pretty front panel design out for a version of my own. It's a combination of the seed stitch border from her panel and a celtic knot graph I had in my inspiration binder.


kate said...

It turned out so good!! Our little man will look so handsome in it, I just know it!

Rob said...

Its hard when you miss someone. The little sweater looks nice, it must be quite rewarding to see something you made being worn.

jesslea said...

looks great! I can't wait to see it on the wee little lad.


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