Thursday, March 10, 2011


We decided to make pancake pictures. I poured the shapes, they did the embellishing.

Minnie Mouse

Marios Mushrooms

We need to make a special one, sans the chocolate for Bella!

A dog bone treat. She liked it.

This little sweater pattern's flat construction method, really reminds me of the back side of jigsaw puzzle pieces. The graph pattern I used for the front panel was like a puzzle too...I finally was able to quit using the legend for it a couple of rows before finishing! Jim couldn't do his Sudoku in the same room.....
Him, out loud: 3? no. 6? 9? No that goes up 1 square.
Me, reading graph out loud: II-II ?
Me, Reading legend out loud: Cable 5 right : Place the first 3 sts on cable needle, hold to front, purl next 2 sts on left needle; slip purl st from cable needle back to left needle and purl it:knit 2 sts from cable needle.
You get the picture!

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