Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sock it to Me

[Sock it to Me]

Dot and I have chatted about cool socks several times lately. I love knitting them, but today I found out about a cool sock company in Portland, started by a young gal that was having trouble finding a job with her college degree. Check out their site. Right now she's running a global contest, where you can submit a design for a sock and if you win, it will be produced, and you will get $500. (That'll buy a few pairs of socks!) Hint Hint: Might be a lot of fun for a certain person who likes to doodle (you know who you are!) And for the rest of us: Even if you don't want to enter the contest which ends SOON by the way, visiting the sight and looking at the cute funky designs is good for a smile on your face!
Oh, and that pesky little sweater panel I mentioned yesterday? I ended ripping it out 2 more times....yep....frustruating. I almost caved, whining "i can't do this", and contemplating switching out the design to a cable that I'm comfy with (irish hiking scarf). Remember that old saying "try, try again?" I stuck with the pattern it called for. My stubbornness has gotten me in a lot of trouble over the years, but thank goodness, God can truly use all things to the good....He has at times transformed it into perseverance. Thank You Lord! (There is a little panel blocking dry as we speak.)

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