Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Weekend

I know things have been quiet here in Dandelion blogland. I haven't been posting...lots going on. A trip over the Santiam Pass to Central Oregon to Mom and Dad's. Mom had another surgery.
Kate's get well bouquet to Nana

Mt. Washington

Three Fingered Jack

Lost Lake, completely covered in snow. This place has very fond summer childhood memories for me. We picnicked there with family and the cousins all had a blast on an abandoned wooden raft. Another time, our family camped there, and it was wonderful. We picked wild huckleberries and took home for jam.

This trip, we went over on Friday and came back was nice have Jen's company on the trip back to the valley. Mom is doing well, I'm sure from all of the prayers. She has to wear "body armor" for a couple of months, and no BLT...bending, lifting, twisting. Her attitude is good, and I'm sure she's looking forward to walking amid her flowers this summer. Can't wait for her to be well enough to come over this side of the pass for a visit!

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