Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Type

What's this Nanni??? Huh? What's this?!!! Wow, it never occurred to me that the kiddos wouldn't know what a typewriter was!! Hmmmm, uh ......it's like a keyboard......you can write letters on it, like emails.....except you put them in a envelope and mail them in the mail box. Yikes....sign of the times!

Speaking of letters, got this at the library yesterday. I had gotten it some time ago, but had returned it, because I had too many other books to read at the time. After Kate mentioned Sunday night, she was reading it , and enjoying it, and then Monday morning, Dot said there was a book she thought I would like...... I decided to read it this time!

Have you read it? It's a fictional compilation of letters. Who knows, maybe even typed ones!

(Thanks for the typewriter, Mom and Dad, I love it!)


kate said...

Beautiful find! I love the clackety sound of typewriters too.
Still need to find my book! Where could I have put it when we got home??

"m" said...

I know...reminds me of the ducks book! Is the GPPPLS book still in the car somewhere...kicked under the seat?

kate said...

yep, it was. :) Looking forward to finishing it now.


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