Thursday, August 4, 2011

"New" old floor

The craft studio has the most uber ugly linoleum ever. It's from the 60's, a smooth vinyl with beige and grey chips and gold glitter. There are a bunch of holes that have been patched at some time with wood putty. I didn't want to cover it with carpet, it needs to be easy to clean and not a venus fly trap for sewing pins and needles. I wanted a light colored wood or laminate plank in there, but the budget for that was nil right now. It called for looking at the floor as a smooth blank canvas, and checking out our existing product stash.
We already had sandpaper, deglosser, primer, some paints to mix together, pecan polyshades, and satin polyurethane.

So..... here are the results ..... Sore rear, sore knees, sore back, this picture was at the end of day 2. Day 3 was yesterday, so it's further now, but there is still a ways to go. (I took a break from it today) It's slow going, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Tori keeps coming in and encouraging me while I'm working..."WOW!" "It really looks like wood now!" I guess she feels like she needs to smooth my wimpy hurt feelings and ruffled feathers....Her first reaction when I was only a few rows into painting the faux wood strips onto the base, and asked her if it looked like wood or not, had been..."No, it looks like you slapped paint down on a clean floor." Out of the mouths of babes. The projected week I had allotted for this project is waaaaaayyy past. And to think I have the nerve to scoff at the people on "Renovation Realities" and their unrealistic deadlines! This one is kicking my rear. I just keep reminding myself how great everything will be when it's all done. Other bits and pieces for the craft studio are coming together a little at a time. I picked up a curtain rod, and found a brand new little IKEA peg rack at a garage sale today. It will be worth it....won't it?


kate said...

Mom. This looks A-MAZING! How in the world do you do it? This really looks like a shiny laminate floor! Very impressive. Can't wait to see it in person. xoxo

"m" said...

Thanks Kate! When it's all done, I'm going to compile a tutorial, for anyone else crazy enough to do it! Can't wait to be done so YOU can get into the guest room. Love ya!


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