Saturday, August 27, 2011

Night Glow 2011

I called Sarah awhile back, and asked if they would be interested in joining us this year for the Art and Air Festival. I thought she would enjoy a photo op. Tori thought it sounded fun, and has wanted us to take them to it, ever since she found out we had taken Josie and Matthew a few years back. Sarah and the kids met us at Costco, and we all had a "spendy" supper! The nightglow this year didn't seem as good to me, as when we had gone before. There seemed to be lots more people, noise, and alcohol consumption. The actual balloon night glow portion didn't seem to last as long, or seem as dramatic. We kept an ear open for a call from Anna saying "it was time for a baby", but it never came. My favorite part of the night was listening to Josie and the girlies singing pop songs together in the back seat on the way home. The couches and beds were full as they all spent the night.....short as it was.

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