Tuesday, December 20, 2011


At school, the girls had both learned some history and songs about Hannukah.  Tori was particularly interested, and thought it was cool that it was in conjunction with her birthday. When Jim and I were Christmas shopping last weekend, I bought this cute little book by Naomi Howland:  Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat (a Chanukah Story).  It has a latkes recipe in the back of it.  Today while I was working in the kitchen, Tori read it to us.  Tori's birthday supper was a traditional Hannukah meal.  The little farmgirl and I made latkes, accompanied by homemade applesauceand/or sourcream.  We had roasted chicken and roasted veggies/spinach salad, and green beans.  Turns out the Birthday Girl isn't particularly crazy about latkes.  (The Little Farmgirl on the other hand had to be stopped from making herself sick on them....and Papa and Joel weren't too far behind!)

Anna found this cute card, which was so perfect, since Tori has been going to Bull Dog Showing classes, with Joel's Mom.  (And is the only little girl I've ever heard; call a Bull dog, "handsome".)

 Instead of Hannukah doughnuts for dessert, Anna got an ice-cream birthday cake, after work.

They were going to go to a movie matinee today, but there was a misunderstanding about the days/times, so they went to a couple of stores downtown instead.  Tori came in the house, so excited....telling me how the man at the music store had helped her play the violin/fiddle, and how cool it was.
At the end of the day, it was pronounced to be; "the best birthday ever!"

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