Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thin People Ginger Thins

On the way home from the Dr. on Friday,  half checked out in the grocery line,.....oops.... I had forgotten the "Anna" ginger thins.  Dot and I had been talking about them on the phone.  We both like them because they're flavorful and satisfying, and you don't need a lot of them with a cup of tea.  Last night, I decided to make some,  I used this Swedish Cookie recipe: Pepparkakor 1 from all recipes,  They weren't quite as flavorful as Anna's, but close.
Jim and I both have been hit pretty hard with a virus and secondary infections the past few weeks.  Look out  book of world records for consecutive days of pajamas or sweats! We're still not "well", but at least have turned a corner.  We've consumed  lots of soup, tea, orange juice, and clementines, and have both lost some weight, though maybe not a recommended  weight loss program.

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