Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hairy Decisions

Post by: Little  Liliana by proxy

My sister had a birthday the other day.

She got a Muppet, that came with all sorts of different noses, and eyes and stuff.

I thought it was very entertaining.

But it got me thinkin'.... Right now my hairdo is a lot like my Daddy's.

I wonder what it would look like long?

But I'm not sure....maybe blonde's not really my color.....

Maybe I should go red.....

What do ya think?

(I think Nanny better pray that I grow up with a great sense of humor...and don't hold grudges)


jesslea said...

So cute and funny.

kate said...

This is so hilarious! I can't wait to show the kids in the morning, they will get such a kick out of it!!

Dot said...

I suppose you'll want to show these pics to her first boyfriend in "a few" years too..."Wasn't she adorable?!"


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