Friday, May 4, 2012

Rough Patch

The weather outside is frightful.  The morning started out gray, it has vacillated, minute by ninute, between gray,rain, wind, hail, and sunshine, today.  The house is quiet, Anna is on vacation this week.  The fragrance of lilacs, though sweet; taunts me.  I want so badly to be working outdoors.  Will we get a garden in this year?  They're predicting sunshine this coming week.  Will I be the planner, and Jim be the planter?  My sciatic is still  on the bum. (interesting choice of words)  I still can't bend  real well, and no sitting on a couch or carseat.  I manage to sit on a dining chair long enough to stitch a row, then I'm up pressing.  It seems for now it's rows of quilt patches instead of rows in a garden patch.  We're going to console ourselves by having pie and cake for dinner.  A California Kitchen Spinach Pizza, and a Triple chocolate cake.


kate said...

Bum-mer. Although the pizza and cake sound great! Love you.
(Almost threw in a "hope you are 'on the mend'" pun just for Opa, but thought it might be overdoing it...) :)

Dot said...

Darling quilt--glad you have it for a bit of a distraction.

Kate, you have me in stitches!


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