Monday, April 30, 2012


My camera is probably having separation anxiety.  I spent last week just trying to navigate from our bedroom, to the bathroom and kitchen, and back to the bedroom.  There was a nasty sciatic flare-up. It way-laid my plans for getting all sorts of things accomplished.  I could only "dream" my house was clean, and the yard and garden were tidy.
I'm trying not to be toooo jealous of Dot, Mom, and Dad, already having a start on planting their gardens.  Our garden spot on the other hand, is still wet enough for wellies, and setting up a clay-pot factory.  So Mama.......try not to be too envious of Kate's rosemary....Every time I see it, I have to try.....and this is after she's pruned it back to a "more manageable size"!  This was taken on the first non-torrential day, this she hadn't spring cleaned this flowerbed yet....but isn't it amazing?!

While we are showing off some of Kate's pretty flowers, I thought I would share another story I remember hearing years ago:

The Legend of the Rosemary

When Jesus was born, the rosemary was just a plain green plant without fragrance or blossom. One day as the holy family traveled to Egypt, Mary stopped to wash some of the baby's clothes in a stream. Looking about for something to hang the little garments on to dry, Mary chose the rosemary bush and hung Jesus' clothes upon it. As Mary gathered the dry clothes together, the rosemary was blessed with blue flowers to match the color of Mary's cloak and a spicy fragrance as a remembrance of Christ's garments.

*****Again, this is not Biblical, it is just a sweet folklore legend.

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kate said...

Yep, we tamed that beautiful beast...even though it took the electric alligator pruners to do it!


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