Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Days of the Week

This has been a busy week.  As I was thinking about posting,  it reminded me of the kindergarten song that the kids all sing...."Sunday, Monday, ....."
Sunday morning, we were at Mom and Dad's and were treated to his famous pancakes.  (The secret is an old Guardian griddle, and wearing the all important uniform...a silly grin and your hat all wonky.)

They were dee-lish!  And mighty filling.
Mom and Dot had picked out this pretty fabric, so we made a pad for the blanket chest at the foot of the bed.
Monday, back at home....Jim and I made a Home Depot run, and I gathered stuff for making a headboard for Kate.  I used plywood, an old "eggcrate" foam mattress (doubled), batting, and painter's dropcloth canvas.

Covering the buttons and doing the tufting was my favorite part.


Dot said...

Wow! The nightstand and headboard turned out awesome! You did a beautiful job and I'm certain Kate was thrilled.

kate said...

Kate was indeeeeed!!!! :)

ps. Love the goofy picture of Opa.

****** "M" said...

Thanks, Dot!

Kate....what can I say?!


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