Thursday, April 5, 2012


 This morning we got snowed on again.  I started out the day priming the trim in the mud entry.
Bella rubbed against the fresh primer and looked like a giant paintbrush on legs.  That necessitated her getting a bath.  Her coat is sooooo thick, it takes forever to get her dry, and get rid of the wet doggie smell.  Since she was nice and clean for Easter, she was confined inside  today, and the chicky ladies were free to roam.  The little farmgirl was dressed to match in her little black and white stripes, and had fun out with them when she got home from school.  These new hennies are so calm and friendly, when she tried to round them up to back in at dusk, they weren't in any hurry, and weren't the least bit frightened of her.  (Birdie had the whole camo thing goin' too, with the tree.)
Yesterday, I went looking again for something to wear on Easter.  Honestly, I think there's an ugly clothes contest going out there.....I didn't see anything I liked.  I think high fabric prices, or no...I'm going to have to start sewing for myself again.  I used to sew most of the dresses for the girls and I.  But that is indoors and........
I'm soooooo ready for the rain and snow to let up.  I've got spring fever and my mind keeps thinking 'bout swiss chard, asparagus, rhubarb, fresh basil, and berries,  working in the garden, and other outdoor chores.  Can't wait!

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kate said...

Cute! And so coordinated! :)


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