Monday, April 9, 2012


He is Risen Indeed!
I am so thankful for Jesus, my Saviour.

We had a great service at church......Love, love, love, our church.
In the afternoon, the kids came for dinner and an egg hunt.

This is Ethan, showing off his 4 new little teeth....right before he used them to clamp down.  Tightly.  On Aunt Anna's arm .  Yes.... she yelled.

"You're Kidding!!  Well Shut My Mouth!!  Then what happened?!!

Sweet, tiny, Violet.

Outside in the

Amazing World


Joe's huge "haul"

Little Farmgirl on the hunt

"Aww, C'mon guys!.....Seriously?!

Yep, another one!

Way to go, Liam!

The two older girls gave it a whirl...
But Matthew joined the guys in hiding the eggs this year.
He escaped my camera....but not someone elses! ;-)

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kate said...

Thanks for all the pictures! It was such a nice day together. Nothing better than family.


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