Monday, April 23, 2012

"Friday, Saturday, and then we begin again...."

Friday, I made a couple of cakes for the Dinner and a Movie night.
This was the Italian Cream Cake
You would not even recognize this basement from what it was 2 weeks ago!  It had uber U-G-L-Y, paneling, and beams and gross.... and now thanks to some sweet VERY hardworking people, who God had laid this on their's a thing of beauty!  People who came to the dinner, were blown away.  They expected a cafeteria line..."slap, there's your pasta"..."slop, there's your sauce".  Instead they were met by handsomely decked out maitre'd's, led to candlelit tables, served sparkling cider, and waited on by awesome waitresses and waiters.  Dinner was served in courses. They received a yummy salad and breadstick, and then generous portions of delicious spaghetti and another breadstick. And then...trays of dessert selections to choose off of.
I wasn't able to take any pictures after we got started,  tooooo busy!  It was awesome though!  We had suuuuch good participation from our people, and they were all smiles.  Our own people got better acquainted with one another, people from other churches helped with advertising and desserts, and it was a great community outreach.  The injured young man and his family were blessed by the outpouring of interest and help, and $6,000.00 were raised for them.
Sunday, there were some new faces in church, of people who had come Friday night.  Some had been looking for a church home, and said, this was a church that they would want to be a part of. God is at work.  We just have to be listening, and obedient.

Saturday:  We loaded the jeep with Kate's bed and nightstand, to take to her for a be-lated birthday.
We stopped for some bottled water, on the way.

I hadn't had this particular kind before,
and had a terrible time trying to get it open.
Finally, (after soaking my lap), I got it figured out. 
Duh... I looked at it and started cracking up...
I quickly drank some.
That made it so much easier to open Jim's

It WAS SMART WATER after all!  :-)
(Something tells me, I need a daily dose!)

Here is Kate's nightstand:

Cutie pie Ethan
Silly Sissy
"Awww man, I shoulda had a V-8!"
"Cuz, now I have a headache!"
I made Kate some of her pins on Pinterest:
Frozen Greek Yogurt covered blueberries

An onion-spinach quick bread loaf
Panko Garlicky Shrimp with linguine
(served with steamed broccoli)

 Miss Addie helped make the birthday dessert:
A roll and 1/2 of sugar cookie dough.  Pressed into cookie pan, and baked 10 min. or so. Cool.
An 8 oz. bar of Cream Cheese, mixed well with 1/2 a box of powdered sugar, spread on top of cooled crust.
A container of glaze spread over the cream, and topped with sliced berries. 
It was a lovely sunny day, and we enjoyed so much, spending time qith Kate, Chris and the kiddos!


Dot said...

I want the recipes for the bread and garlic shrimp linguine. They looked soooo delicious!

kate said...

What a big fat juicy post that was, yay! The basement- wow!! I knew it when, and it sure didn't look like that! I am so glad the dinner was such a success, and in so many ways. How awesome.
Thank you for such a beautiful day. The food was delicious, and I love, LOVE my gifts; more so because I know the heart they came from. I. Love. You.


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