Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Stretch

After the wedding, Kate and Chris and the kids took Jim and I to our favorite local Thai place for dinner to celebrate my birthday and anniversary. We had our usual yellow curry ....

and steamed rice....
Dinner was dee-lish, and the kids were so well behaved. We had a pleasant time there, and then came home and had Jen's chocolate cake with Ganache that she had given us.
Tuesday, Jim grilled steaks we had been hoarding in the freezer, and the big splurge of the month...lobster tails. Oh my.... sauteed mushrooms, baked potato, mmmm.
Last evening, the girls and I met at Sarah's and went for crepes and coffee at the French Press.
We had a great time sharing bites of what we each had ordered, and laughed and laughed. I had a sweet crepe...Emilee....chocolate, hazelnut, banana, whipped cream...ooh la la!
(French Press photos from Urban Spoon)
(i got there with a camera, and the card at home in my computer....grrrr)

Then we went to the movies, visited after...., always good to be with them.
After stretching out the birthday binge for 5 days.....
it's time to do a different kind of stretching!
Today marks the beginning of new exercise and eating plans.
Here goes......bend and one and two and three....

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Birthday Cakes Sydney said...

The thai food looks delish! The sweet crepe must have been divine.


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