Friday, May 14, 2010

Spa in a Bag

I received these lovelies for Mother's Day. A hair frizzy tamer for curly hair, lip balm, a bath puff, yummy soap, a fresh refreshing candle, a Starbucks card, and softening socks for the tired, rough, ol' feet.
It's going to be so wonderful to relax and play queen of the hill instead of inmate of the rock pile!
The weather has been decent this week so we have been getting some work outside accomplished. Among the tasks, has been unearthing a pile of old broken bricks, concrete pieces, and concrete pier blocks. We are finally going to get them OUTTA HERE! This same pile has been moved 3 times. I'm starting to feel like the Israelites and that "same old mountain again."
My goal is to reduce the number of obstacles behind the barn, so that Jim can have a straight shot at mowing back there, and reduce the amount of weed whacking around piles. It's shaping up a little more each day. It's a pretty day again...supposed to be our best yet, so I need to get off of here, and back to the chain gang, Don'cha know? "Hmmh... Hah, Hmmh... Haw...workin' on a chain gang..."
(remember Sam Cooke's cool song, in the movie "Cadence"?)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Do you remember your daughters singing that song over & over after watching CADENCE (over & over)?! See you in the a.m.! xoxo


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