Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall and falling cloudberries


Fall is in the air. There are the remnants of summer to take care of, and preparations for winter.

I've been hearing about "falling cloudberries", for some time now. This book is on my "would like" list. I don't own it, but have made the Pastitsio recipe from it, a few times now. (Jim really likes it.) Since it makes a large casserole, I freeze part of it for a "busy day", so I'll have something easy to pull out.

The day Bella got hurt, and had to have her surgery, we were babysitting, I had gotten a call to go pick up corn, and was putting it up for in the freezer. The last thing I wanted to worry about was "what's for dinner?"

Pastitsio to the rescue!

Bubbly, bechamel deliciousness.

1 comment:

kate said...

mmm sounds good. Have never heard of "falling cloudberries"- is this a book, or a recipe book?


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