Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls Getaway

Mom, Peg, Jen and I ran away from home (for a few days.) Peg blessed us all with a cottage at the beach, and Mom provided transportation. These were the only buoys allowed!
We watched kites,


had clam chowder in Jen's homemade bread bowls,

got smoked out by our fireplace....

drank virgin mojitos (in cute little fishy glasses Jen brought)

watched the waves some more

andate and drank some more
(this time shrimp scampi and virgin strawberry margaritas)

watched the sun turn the waves into diamonds

ate shrimp coctail

watched the sun set on the waves....
Are you noticing a pattern here? We had nice weather, took walks, ate, watched other people take walks, soaked up the sun, ate, read, napped, ate, had a perfume party (Thanks Jen!),
played night after night of catch phrase, and laughed til our sides hurt.


Sarah said...

Looks like it was lovely! Gorgeous weather, good company, good food..and a camera to capture some of it..what's better than that?!

Melissa said...

Looks beautiful and relaxing!!

kate said...

Glad you guys had such a good time- and beautiful pics to remember it by!


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