Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reward System

Mexican Corn Ice Cream.....yum
I made a batch today. Kind of a reward, to make up for some disappointments, yesterday.
We had plans to go to a concert with friends, and that fell through. So we made plans to go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival "Night Glow" again, instead, and that didn't happen for us either.
Our puppers, Bella, attacked a running, gas/blade weedwhacker, and turned her mouth into a bloody mess. She had to have surgery, stitches, and had to have a tooth extracted. She came home sort of loopey, with her poor little lacerated tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. She's on a soft diet, to say the least, but she's recuperating nicely.
A positive note: our pasture is getting mown today.....YAY! I'm Sooooo thankful for that. It always seems like Christmas morning, when we get it I've just been gifted a brand new place!
This summer has been very different from last. It seems like I do a mental inventory when each season changes.....How did this one measure up to last year? What were the highlights? the accomplishments? The disappointments? What are the hopes and dreams for the next season?
Do you do that too?


Melissa said...

Poor puppy. Yikes!!

kate said...

Poor Bella!!! Somewhat back to normal. Will call you tomorrow. Love you.


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