Sunday, January 16, 2011

In The Kitchen

Christmas Eve, we gave Christmas morning breakfast rolls as gifts to the girls and their families.
The recipe was Pioneer Woman's for her orange marmalade rolls. I added dried crannies, and chopped pecans. There was no chance to taste test them, it made just enough to give away, so hopefully they were ok. Something we have enjoyed plenty of times is Sherelle's sour cream banana bread. It is the best recipe I've ever used for bb. I used it the other day, giving delicious, new purpose to some pretty sad looking 'nanners. I've been cleaning the kitchen, tossing outdated stuff, and trying to plan the best use of what's left. We made Costco and grocery store runs, re-stocking supplies. Last night, a big pot of homemade chicken soup was on the menu. It was the perfect comfort food for this "put on your scuba mask" rainy weather we're having.

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kate said...

And it was so nice to have a ready made Christmas breakfast to wake up to... soup looks delicious. I just made a pot of Barefoot Contessa's recipe- nothing beats that smell, mmmm!


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