Saturday, January 8, 2011

Visitors and Visits

Happy New Year! Sorry I've been so lax in posting. We didn't wait until 2011 to begin resolutions. In November, we felt led to be more hospitable. We know ourselves, and if we don't put it on the calendar, it just doesn't happen. Judi and Bob, our friends from church came to supper. They brought RieAnn and Jake who were visiting from out of town, with them. We really enjoyed getting acquainted with the kids. We had hot cider, cheeses and sausage. It was a simple weeknight supper of German goulash soup and french bread. Judi brought a beautiful salad, with all sorts of veggies in it. For dessert we had a little brownies with our peppermint frosting! Whoa! There was lots of stories, laughing, and RieAnn bowled everyone over with her 200 game on wii.

On New Years Eve day, we went to Jens for a bit. We hadn't gotten together for Christmas, so we exchanged personal gifts then. For her fam, I had put together a s'mores pkg. Andy has a little hibachi outside that he likes doing that sort of thing on.

While we were there, Jodie and Peter showed up with Tater Tot. Isn't he beautiful?

After a nice visit and coffee, we left Jens and went to Bob and Sarah's.
We stopped at the European Deli and picked up one of Sarah's favorite childhood treats from Germany. They are hollow chocolate eggs with a prize inside. Once you assemble the prize, you're amazed that it ever fit in that little egg! Sarah did an amazingly good ham.
Soooo good. She only put 1/2 as much liquid smoke as it called for and that was plenty for us.
Josie came home with us that night and watched movies and drank milkshakes
(my first eggnog this season). When the new year rang in, she and I marched outside banging on a pot with a wooden spoon and honking the car horn.
The next morning we had waffles with the last of Victoria's summer meadow syrup. (Dandelion and clover)

After breakfast, we decided to put a present to use, and baked pies.
She measured out the ingredients for the crust.

I was excited about trying to make a lacy snowflake lattice. First time...many lessons learned.

She however was intrigued by doing a wreath of hearts. Our berries were juicy and liberal, so we had a few "bleeding hearts". ;=)

I think her favorite part was collaging the dough scraps into "do-dads".

Many's the time I had these for an after school snack, when I was growing up.
While our pies were baking, we did some jewelry making, and worked together on a pair of earrings for her.

They're little pastel colored crystal leaves and clear crystal beads. It was fun having one on one time with her.

This past Wednesday, we went to Kates and did some more visiting, and furniture rearranging.
The boys made delicious ribs and a YUMMY salad and Joe made awesome corn muffins. Kate is working hard to get things functional for an addition of two more family members. That's no small task. We always enjoy our visits with them, so that was fun.
Sooooo, what have I been up to? Evidently from the looks of this post.......
lots of talking with my mouth full.


kate said...

SO glad I found the post! :) SO full of doings! Loved reading all of it... just made me feel warm.

Sarah said...

You've been busy! Josie will love reading this post and seeing all of the pictures! xoxo


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