Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick days

A couple of weeks ago, Kate's 6 year old was out of school for a couple of days with a cough.
Kate was sick with a cold, and her 2 year old and 4 year old got very sick with pneumonia.
We were so relieved when they "turned the corner" and were recuperating.
Thursday, we had a little girl with watery eyes, runny nose and cough.
Resting with her quilt,
watching Little Bear,at least brought a smile.

topped off with my favorite childhood sick day comfort food....
cream of tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich.
This weekend she and her sister and Anna are all battling coughs and colds.
Friday morning we got a call that our oldest daughter, Sarah, was in ICU with pneumonia.
It was a scary time, Praise the Lord, she's responding to treatment.
She's still in the hospital, on oxygen, but we are believing for a rapid and full recovery.
Yesterday, I was reeling with vertigo.
During the night I came down with a throat that felt like it was full of razor blades.

I wanted comfort food that was soothing,
so I pulled out another childhood favorite.

My Nana's chocolate pudding.

I haven't fixed it in years.

wonderful, just like I remembered.

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kate said...

Hope you guys are feeling a little better? Such adorable pictures of Ashlyn, sickness and all. xoxo


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