Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We're still cleaning out the front yard. Several years back we tore out our front lawn which had ceased to grow due to cedar trees (which continued to grow) densely shading it. We put in a large flower bed, and turkey grit gravel path, and bistro table area. The flower bed has been a nightmare. It got me thinking about it's correlation with life. Sometimes, our best laid plans, seemingly things that are "OK", can encroach on our lives......little by little. We don't even notice, until they are overwhelming us. They don't know their place and infringe into areas where they don't belong.....
Like this patch of "forget-me-nots" which had jumped the border and were 2 feet into the gravel.
Sometimes bad stuff infiltrates, and before we know it...it's got us bound in it's grip.
Vigilance is needed in weeding out our gardens....and our lives.
It's no secret that the hardest things to clean out are the ones that have been there the longest, and have sunk their roots in deeply.

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Melissa said...

I know the feeling, I've had very similar thoughts while doing yard work.


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