Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ready and Waiting

Kate's nursery is ready, and waiting for the wee ones. There is a white soft shag rug on the hardwood floors, for little chubby knees to crawl on. Soft gray walls create a calm neutral background to add vintage touches and spots of colored art against.
Kate's old dresser, painted white, is doing double duty as a changing table. The tall white and pine cabinet that used to house art supplies, now houses toiletries and baby clothes. A little dark charcoal sofa was pulled from the former playroom, to accomodate feedings and bedtime stories. The Jenny Lind crib is outfitted with the white, dahlia quilted bumper pad. (There's a second crib in mama and Daddy's room.) My FAVE thing in the room is the DANDELION puff light fixture!!! There are still more colorful touches being worked on, but the bases are covered, and we're ALL so excited to see this little room come alive with little gurgles and coos.

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